Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ah Ha Moments

Every so often, I have an "ah ha" moment. Last night as I was reading "A Heart Like His," by Beth Moore. She referred to Psalm 142 when David was isolated and praying in the cave. A little of the verse; "I cry aloud to the LORD; I lift up my voice to the LORD for mercy. I pour out my complaint before him; before him I tell my trouble. When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way."

My "ah ha" moment came in two parts, one last night as I realized where the phrase "For Crying Out Loud" came from, and today when I remembered how Christian Home Based Business Forum came to me. I too was in prayer (crying out loud) asking God to show me how to be able to work from home but still meet other business owners who had something in common with my work structure. Working from home can bring a sense of isolation (a cave like feeling) and after talking to other home based business owners, I found it to be a common problem. Because we work from home, we can't just walk to a co-workers desk or office for a break or to discuss an idea. Sometimes we just want to talk with another person about a situation, an idea, a problem, or just chat. When you work out of the house, people surround you, and there are natural breaks that happen throughout the day. Those breaks do not happen when you work from home.

The sense of isolation and desire to "network" took me to prayer. My "crying out loud" prayer went something like this, "LORD, please show me how to meet other business owners who work from home. Show me how to have the human interaction throughout the day without having to leave my home. Show me how to support others who work from home and help me stay focused on you throughout my work day."

During my prayer, God placed the idea of Christian Home Based Business Forum in front of me. CHBBF is an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance and helpful information while staying Christ centered. CHBBF provides chat rooms so you can meet other Christians online and chat, discuss ideas or brainstorm a problem. We continue to add to the forum so that we can provide content to those who come to the forum. Our first seminar in March was a success and a second and third are scheduled for October 27th. Our Brown Bag Networking is growing and we hope to expand to other areas around the country. God continues to feed us with new ideas for the forum and we continue to meet other Christian business owners who want to get involved.

Now, how did all of this cause me to have an "ah ha" moment today? I was thinking about how Jesus truly networked. He worked the nets, going first to the fishermen and asking them to drop their nets and join Him. He also helped the fishermen by filling the nets with so many fish the boats almost sank. Ah Ha! We too are blessed to be able to work the nets by inviting new home based business owners to join us at CHBBF, get involved in chats and come to our Brown Bag Networking Lunches. We invite you to throw out your nets and invite a friend to get involved - we can all increase the business in our nets through fellowship and networking.

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